1 Small Bathroom Remodeling And Ideas

Every home doesn’t have luxurious and pristine bathrooms. Especially bathrooms in old houses need to be remodeled according to modern trends. If it is a small bathroom cannot have spacious tubs or Omni-directional shower pipes in them. So these bathrooms need remodeling. But not all bathrooms can be remodeled easily. With some knowledge and some tips regarding this aspect, one can do wonders.

The first step in a small bathroom remodeling process is to measure the dimensions of the bathroom accurately. Then draw the dimensions in a square graph to a perfect scale which suits your further work. Now it is time for creativity. Impart all your creative designs which you want to have in your new bathroom in the graph. But beforehand, you must outline the bathroom on a separate sheet of the graph to the same scale used already in your previous graph.


Now in that outline, you figure where you can attach all your new designs, these designs include bathtubs of suitable size, shower cubicles, hangers, wash basin, taps, etc. You can draw the sketches of these things by getting advice from a professional like a civil engineer. Make sure that your sketches are well within the outline of the bathroom you have already drawn.

The above-given idea is just an overview of a small bathroom remodeling project. If you think it is too costly to change the whole bathroom, you can follow the tips given below for increasing the space in your bathroom if you think it is not that much spacious.

Always try to have your water heater or radiator as high as possible in the wall. Because of you locate your water heater at a slightly higher altitude you can have more space for accommodating other accessories like an additional sink and more over the bathroom will look more spacious.

Always choose a toilet that can be placed as close to the wall as possible, or redesign the layout to accommodate the toilet as near to the wall. Because placing a toilet in the middle of the bathroom will compress the space available.

Then finally don’t have unnecessary accessories in the bathroom it will hinder the available space in the bathroom. Small bathroom remodeling is not a tedious process it needs some careful planning and creativity if these things are perfectly done, then there is nothing to worry.

Small Bathroom Designs


Nowadays small bathroom designs are the call of the day. This thing is the new addition to the fashion world of home designs. Money is not an important matter in this field, the only thing which you need is creativity and innovation. In a house bathroom is the most important place which needs extra attention. In the past bathrooms were not given equal importance to other rooms, but more recently their importance has grown in multi folds.

So here are some tips and ideas which will be of immense help to you regarding the design of bathrooms.You can see it and others info at sweetbathroom.com.

First and foremost always select a toilet type which can be located as nearer to the wall as possible because this arrangement will help to increase the space of the bathroom. So if you want your bathroom to be spacious avoid the toilet in the middle of the room.

Be aware that the standard size of the bathtub must be at least sixty inches in breadth and at least five feet in length. If you reduce any of these dimensions, then you have to face the difficulty of spilling water. If your bathroom is small and if it does not accommodate a bathtub of such proportions then choose a bathtub which is small bet thick enough to avoid water spillage.

Add vertical lines to walls this will, in turn, increase the bathroom space. There is another way of adding width, length, and height to a bathroom’s space it is by having appropriate lightings and placing mirrors in the appropriate place. But make sure that there are not too many mirrors because lots of mirrors will have a bad appeal to the bathroom design.

Regarding the design of the shower choose the one which has more internal diameter than 32 to 34 inches and has an internal space lot less than 1024 square inches. Regarding the color of the bathroom be choosy but don’t go for multi-color patterns, because multi colors will change the theme of the bathroom abruptly. So pick a specific color theme and match it with the color of all the accessories and hardware present in the bathroom.

Small Bathroom Ideas


In a house bathroom is the room which is ill attended. But to make an impression on your guests the most important thing which you need to do is to renovate your bathroom in the best possible way. If your bathroom is small, then don’t worry there are many small bathroom ideas which will help you to expand the space available in your bathroom without any major economic impact.

First of all, don’t bother about changing the external skeleton of the bathroom; it includes modifying the plumbing works, the external layout of the bathroom. These works will rely on a lot of money and time. So consider changing the inner environment of the small bathroom to give it a more pristine appeal.

Small modifications will result in major impact. Watch out for any plumbing lines which are visible. A visible plumbing line dents the theme of the bathroom, so cover the plumbing by any means like a curtain matching the color of the walls of the bathroom. Then place the water heater or radiator as high up in the walls as possible. This will provide more space for you to accommodate an extra sink or a shower cubicle.


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